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Who's behind the mic?


Chad Muncy is an entrepreneur, ordained officiant, and business coach who helps anyone wanting to become a successful officiant build a sustainable and profitable business (part-time or full-time) so that they can earn more and build a career helping couples have an amazing wedding ceremony. 


Chad began his career in the marketing world and helped many companies make more than 8-figures annually. Over the last decade, he has helped other entrepreneurs build successful businesses and fix their marketing strategies to produce millions of dollars. Chad has also performed and officiated at over 500 weddings and in front of crowds as large as 1,500 people. He combined his business and wedding experience and knowledge to start and grow a successful officiant and wedding business that became a template for teaching others his methods of quickly learning the craft, setting up the business, and earning great money in a rewarding field.


He resides in Swansboro, NC, with his wife and two boys, where he enjoys hanging out on the beach and time on the water with his family.


You can find and follow him on the "Grow My Officiant Business" and "Grow My Wedding Business" podcasts and YouTube channels.

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The Grow My Officiant Business Podcast was created to inspire, encourage, empower, and give real-life examples and advice for creating an officiant business successfully through action, strategy, and perseverance. We are proud to speak with many local business owners and everyday people who want something more out of life, we call these incredible listeners "Officiant Nation". Our listeners have a burning desire and a driving necessity for superb, honest, and actionable information from wedding professionals and officiants who have been there and done it.

Although our listeners and guests may have different values, we have 2 CORE Values that most of our listeners and guests have in common. They are #1 Honesty - Be honest with yourself and define your own definition of success. #2 Commitment - Be committed to fight for your vision of success, no matter what.

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