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You showed up, and I hope you learned a lot! Thanks for being AWESOME!

Training Resources

We talked about so many things, and I discussed many resources that you should have. I'm also giving you the links to re-watch the trainings whenever you'd like. I'm keeping my word and delivering the goods!

These resources will help you develop a mindset of success and habits that will elevate your business. If you will use each resource and take action, they will assist you in taking your business to the next level and continuing your growth journey. 

We talked about the STARTER STEPS.

  1. Name Your Business (Shorter meaningful name)

  2. Name Your Website (Keywords and searchable)

  3. 1 Short Form on Site

  4. Google Calendar

  5. Google Business Profile

  6. Core Values & Mission Statment

  7. Who, Where, What, & How

  8. What You Won't Do (Limitations)

  9. Strong Communication

  10. Pricing

Then I mentioned I would be sending a NURTURE Plan.


HERE IT IS! Watch the video and then click the plan to download.


NURTURE Plan.png

PICK ME (Night One) Click to Expand

PICK ME (Night Two) Click to Expand

HERE ARE THE LINKS (Click each to download)

  • NURTURE Plan (UPDATE: Coming on Tuesday, April 16)


A lot of the information provided is based on my new ebook (soon to be sent to print), Wedding Pros Playbook: Marketing Mastery for Wedding Business Owners. If you want to purchase a downloadable copy while it's still on sale, here's the link:

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