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You are here because you are an important part of the wedding industry.

Thank you so much for agreeing to be a guest on the Grow My Wedding Business podcast and taking your time to give value to other business owners!

Continue reading, then fill out the form on this page. This will allow Chad to prepare, learn a little about your story, and send you a show schedule with talking points.

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I'm excited to have you as a guest.

- Chad

Here's some more information about me (Chad) and Grow My Officiant Business.

About GMOB

Chad Muncy began his career in the marketing world before becoming an entrepreneur. On the side, Chad started officiating weddings and enjoyed watching people start their lives together. After several successful businesses, he started coaching other business owners, helping them become successful by fixing their marketing strategies and creating systems to produce consistent profits.


Chad has performed, officiated, and/or assisted at over 500 weddings and in front of crowds as large as 1,500 people. He combined his business and wedding experience/knowledge to start a podcast/YouTube community of like-minded wedding professionals. Now Grow My Officiant Business will become a resource for wedding professionals worldwide in all niches of the industry...and we can't wait to hear from YOU!

About GMOB Podcas

Where YOU Fit In

You are here to provide value to other business owners and podcast listeners. In order to have the best episode possible, Chad needs to hear and understand more about you, your story, and the unique value that you can add to the Grow My Officiant Business podcast.

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