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Are you tired of trying to get booked up?

Wouldn't you love to have a stream of clients paying for your premium packages?

Do you want the systems that built a $100,000+ officiant business in 6 months?

INSANE 4th of JULY SALE! The price will never be this low again!

Sale ends at noon on July 5th.

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Getting you from

"HOW-TO?" "I DO."

Building a Sustainable Business.

Created by Chad Muncy & Grow My Officiant Business

Enrollment for the beta training closes July 8, 2022.

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Officiant Business Launch is an online course to help anyone become a professional wedding officiant and build a sustainable business with or without any experience in under 6 months.


The wedding industry is growing at a staggering pace. In fact, in 2022 it is estimated that over 2.6 million couples will get married (up from 2.2 million in 2019). Officiants enjoy a great income, they set their own schedules, and they have a job that creates a lot of happiness. 


I’m Chad Muncy and I’ve been an entrepreneur and officiant for over a decade. I began as a Marketing Director for a large company until I wanted to venture out on my own. I’ve built successful businesses out of necessity and grown them into cash cows that gave me flexibility and freedom and allowed me to sell for a nice profit. Most recently, I built a successful officiant business, automated it, grew it, and sold it. I then began coaching other officiants and teaching them the same methods I developed. These methods allow others to become professional officiants, feel comfortable in front of anyone, and turn their businesses into automated lead-generating machines that can provide a full-time income. Now I’m bringing my years of experience and putting it all into my course Officiant Business Launch.



Enrollment for Officiant Business Launch is open now! You’ll receive access to the first Module on July 18, 2022.


****Note: Enrollment closes on July 8, 2022 or until it sells out. Our live video welcome call will be on July 11, 2022. We are only enrolling a limited number of students in Officiant Business Launch, so if you wish to join us, let us know ASAP. :-)


Officiant Business Launch

Join the beta course now to secure your spot!

Price will be going up after this round.

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Officiant Business Launch is an online course/interactive training so you can enjoy it (and implement it) right from where you are!


You’ll receive access to the first lesson on July 18, 2022, and each subsequent lesson will be delivered each week after that. This way, you can consume the content in your own time.


We will also be including a Facebook Mastermind Group for support. We will be adding members to the group and hosting a weekly Zoom call that will be posted in the group for added support for new members.


***We’re enrolling students right now through July 8, 2022 (or until we sell out)!

Limited availability. After July 8, 2022, the price will go up.

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I created Officiant Business Launch after building an officiant business that gave me freedom and provided me with extra financial stability. I created it to help anyone become a wedding officiant and build a sustainable business with or without any experience in under 6 months.



Chad Muncy is an entrepreneur, ordained officiant, and business coach who helps anyone wanting to become a successful officiant build a sustainable and profitable business (part-time or full-time) so that they can earn more and build a career helping couples have an amazing wedding ceremony. 


Chad began his career in the marketing world and helped many companies make more than 8-figures annually. Over the last decade, he has helped other entrepreneurs build successful businesses and fix their marketing strategies to produce millions of dollars. Chad has also performed and officiated at over 500 weddings. He combined his business and wedding experience and knowledge to start and grow a successful officiant and wedding business that became a template for teaching others his methods of quickly learning the craft, setting up the business, and earning great money in a rewarding field.


He resides in Swansboro, NC with his wife and two boys where he enjoys hanging out on the beach and time on the water with his family.


You can find and follow him on the "Grow My Officiant Business" podcast at

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WHY Officiant Business Launch?

I created Officiant Business Launch because there was little instruction when it came to what is expected as a business owner and how to create an officiant business that makes a profit. The wedding industry is huge, but most people that want to become wedding officiants either find information on how to get ordained then can’t find customers or they have a few customers (usually friends asking for an officiant) and then it dries up. When I started I wish there would’ve been a guide that showed it all.


If you want to have a successful, growing officiant business with incredible customers without trying to figure out all of the details, write everything from scratch, and wondering where to get customers, be sure to join us in Officiant Business Launch!

JOIN the Beta Program Today!

Pay in full and SAVE $50

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Make Back the Cost of this Training with only ONE Wedding Ceremony!

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Join the limited beta training today!

This training will be offered at this price only once. We are keeping enrollment very small. 



Joining Officiant Business Launch is easy! Simply:


  2. FILL OUT THE INFO - Note: You’ve only secured your spot once we receive your payment. Only filling out the information on the form will not secure your spot.

  3. MAKE YOUR PAYMENT - Pay $299 and your spot is secure.


You'll receive instructions about the next steps after you register and pay.

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C.A.B. Method ($1300 value)

Connect & Automate Business Method. Create insane marketing systems that will take skyrocket your business, build systems, learn Google Business Profile, and Connect them all.

Ceremony Templates ($600 value)

Wedding ceremony and special ceremony templates

Website Masterclass ($1500 value)

Teaching you how to build an attractive, efficient website that organically and consistently brings you customers.

Pricing Made Easy ($600 value)

How to price it all. From elopements to full wedding packages.

P.R.E.P. Public Recitation Event Prep ($1500 value)

Feel confident and comfortable while public speaking.

Media Mogul ($2,000 value)

Quick start to getting your business online and in front of customers & Learn the secrets of marketing yourself online & what customers look for.

Social Media Advantage ($500 value)

Content strategies for social media that build authority and attract your target customers organically. We teach you how to run incredible social media that grows your business.

E.A.A.S. Easy Affordable Ad Strategy ($500 value)

Attract more clients with simple Facebook ads and other platform ads that are easy to make and that increase leads.

What's Included in the July 4th SALE

Officiant Business Training?

July 4th SALE: $299

Total Value: $8,500

Price: $999

The price will never be this low again!

JOIN the Beta Program Today!


Will this course be beneficial to me if I’m already very experienced?


Answer: Yes. While there are things that you may already know about this industry, Officiant Business Launch is a unique system that can be implemented into any officiant business to automate, increase sales, and teach new tactics to produce results.


This seems expensive. Couldn’t I just learn this on my own?


Answer: Officiant Business Launch was created from years of experience, mistakes, systems, trial and error, and many successes. While technically you could learn the information on your own over many years, the proprietary systems and techniques are unique to Officiant Business Launch and will save you lots of time, frustration, and money.


I’m not very tech-savvy. Can I still build a business?


Answer: You are in the right place. Our courses are set up to teach you step-by-step no matter how tech-savvy you are or aren’t.


I’m afraid to speak in public. Can this course still help me?

Answer: There is a section dedicated specifically to you. We teach you the P.R.E.P. Method which stands for Public Recitation Event Preparation. This is a method taught only by Chad Muncy who developed this for his students to calm nerves, feel confident, and be incredible in front of a crowd.


Does this really work?


Answer: Yes. It works if you do the work. If you can follow instructions and put the systems that are taught in Officiant Business Launch into practice, you can have a successful officiant business.


Do I need this course if I’m just officiating as a side hustle?


Answer: You need this course if you want your business (no matter if it’s full-time or just a side hustle) to be profitable faster, well known in your area, automated, and systematic. 


How do I join?


Answer: If you’re ready to join Officiant Business Launch, CLICK HERE.

Keep in mind: Doors close July 8, 2022 – or until it sells out. Availability is very limited.

After this date, the price will go up. Join today – see you inside!!!

"I can't wait to help you build the officiant business of your dreams!"

Chad Muncy

Officiant | Entrepreneur

Creator, Officiant Business Launch


JOIN the Beta Program Today!

Pay in full and SAVE $50

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